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Other awards 2000-2019

Players' Player Batsman of Year Bowler of the Year Fielder of the Year Most Appearances Duck of the year Most Improved
2005 Jim Hodgson Tom Wood Dennis Cave Mike Morgan Mike  Morgan
2006 Mike Morgan Marc Friday Stuart Gibbons Patrick Howard Mike Morgan Hugh Anderson Mike Morgan
2007 Tom Wood Simon Brodbeck Alastair Macaulay Macaulay/ Wood Peter Patston
2008 Hamish McDougall Jim Hodgson Alastair Macaulay Ivor Fiala Macaulay/ Brodbeck Jeremy Calvert Brendan Russell
2009 Warren Crocker Tom Wood Warren Crocker Ed Gallagher Simon Brodbeck Murray Wagh
2010 Ed Gallagher Jono Addis Simon Brodbeck Warren Crocker Simon Brodbeck
2011 Mike Morgan Jono Addis Warren Crocker Jim Hodgson Jeff Ball Paul Dorrans
2012 Jim Hodgson Jono Addis Warren Crocker Ryan Duff Piers Ovenden Ivor Fiala
2013 Piers Ovenden James Timperley Jim Hodgson Eric Swale Simon Brodbeck Sam Brodbeck
2014 Jono Addis James Timperley Simon Brodbeck Sam Brodbeck Warren Crocker Brian Taylor
2015 Ryan Duff Sam Ferrick Alastair Macaulay Alastair Macaulay Simon Brodbeck Ryan Duff Stephen Tjasink
2016 Glen Oliver James Timperley Alastair Macaulay Hamish McDougall Simon Brodbeck James Timperley Laurie Allsopp
2017 Tom Wood Glen Oliver Simon Brodbeck Tom Wood Simon Brodbeck Simon Brodbeck
2018 Tom Colbeck James Timperley Alastair Macaulay Mike Daly Alastair Macaulay Sam and Simon Brodbeck
2019 Mike Pittams Glen Oliver Jim Hodgson Tom Colbeck Simon Brodbeck Jono Addis

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