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The latest on Covid

Most players seem to be adhering to the guidelines we published on health and safety earlier in this strange year.

You will remember we determined that we would be rigorous in following any current ECB guidelines and UK government guidelines.  Indeed, the context in which our original guidance was issued still seems absolutely applicable:

“…new variants continue to appear.  We must recognise that not all Strollers will have received their first dose of vaccine by the start of the season, let alone their second, and there is an “immunity lag” even after both vaccinations.  The target date of 21 June for “back to normal” also predates full vaccination, and we do not know whether people who are immune themselves can still transmit the virus.  People will have different perceptions about levels of risk.  On this basis, while we are heartily sick of the virus and its behavioural impacts, including care, protection and distancing, we need to continue to be cautious.”


The government’s target date of 21 June has now been pushed back a month: we are still in the middle of a global pandemic and the Strollers remain committed to the safety of our players, spectators and hosts.  We are loath to place our players and others at risk, even though we recognise that the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely switched on and further note that ECB guidelines have already relaxed a shade. 


As a club committee, we do not want to mandate players to follow rules that are more restrictive than ECB or government guidelines but, as those guidelines (and English law) do relax, we can still encourage caution and discourage behaviours that don’t err on the side of safety.


The key areas where recently-relaxed ECB guidelines affect our approach to a match are:


1.      Travel to and from the ground: Our policy has been that car sharing from London should not take place.  Players who do not have a car should get themselves to a nearby station where a lift to take them the short distance to the ground can usually be arranged, with all the associated safety precautions around masks and open windows.  We will continue to discourage any variation to this approach.


2.      Changing rooms: Where the host club has completed its risk assessment, changing rooms can now be opened.  This will be up to the host club.  Scientific evidence is, however, clear that aerosol transmission in poorly-ventilated spaces continues to be a major risk factor.  We will, therefore, continue to discourage players from being in close proximity to the rest of the team in a small and foetid room.


3.      Tea: Simon will check whether tea will be offered, and clarify that we do not expect tea (however we will, as normal, pay for it from club funds if offered); indeed, some players would decline it under any circumstances.  Eating tea will be a matter of personal choice, with payers eating tea simply contributing the normal £10 in their match fees, rather than £5 for those not. We do not expect teas to be offered until at least after 19 July.


4.      Shared kit and other aspects of personal hygiene: It is not a hassle to stick to the current guidelines which are, after all, common sense and for the good of all.  We will continue to carry minimal team kit and encourage players to bring their own where possible.


5.      Team hugs and other celebrations: We will continue to discourage players from getting any closer than a discreet fist or elbow bump.  This is to keep our players safe and avoid situations where people might feel that they are not team players if they do not join in.

         6.   Social Media - please only post socially distanced photos on   
                Facebook/twitter etc.


The point is that, if those who take a more relaxed attitude wind up introducing this wretched disease to the club, there is a serious risk to the health of individuals and the club’s playing season as others isolate or recover.  We want to continue to take steps to avoid that, where we reasonably can.


Keep safe, be cautious and get those jabs!


June 19, 2021



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